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Though users of this website can download different versions of the open source program described in the website title (hereinafter “the Program”), this website is not the owner of the Program and has not participated in any way in its development or creation.

We just facilitate the downloading of the Program through our web page. We disclaim any responsibility for the quality or functioning of the Program, we do not offer any warranty at all regarding the use of it. Even in case of damages as a consequence of using the Program, damages including, but not limited to, the loss of data or damages to user’s computer, we are not responsible for any of them and the use of our site or the Program may cause you or your computer. All the risk is assumed by the user.

We recommend you to use an anti-virus and to be cautious due to the damage that some files may cause to you or your computer. We are not responsible for undue downloadings. Please be very careful when downloading files with a .exe, .vbs, .lnk, .bat, .sys, or .com suffix, since these files can contain a virus or a spyware. We do recommend the use of some sort of virus-protection software to scan any files that are downloaded. The omission of such recommendation or the malfunctioning of the anti-virus is not our competence at all and we decline any responsibility that may derive.
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